Important! Starting from 13/06/22, the company data and bank details have changed. Make sure to update your records with the new information you will receive during the ordering process.


Complete the registration by entering your company's information, provide us with your VAT number and PEC address so that we can promptly send the invoice via email.
Once you have completed the registration, please send a copy of your Chamber of Commerce Certificate to [email protected] so that our staff can verify your credentials and activate your account for order processing. The confirmation will be communicated to you in response to the email you send us.

Order Placement

Orders placed will be processed by our staff upon receipt of payment confirmation.
Shipment will be arranged as soon as all the products in the order are available in our warehouse.
It is possible to place individual orders that will be grouped together for shipping. They will be dispatched in a single shipment, which is scheduled once a week, and shipping costs will be adjusted accordingly.


The invoice will be generated and subsequently sent after the order has been shipped. The document will be sent via email or PEC.
Our invoices are issued exempt from VAT, so it is the customer's responsibility to make the appropriate Italian tax declaration.
The timeframe for receiving invoices from our Tax Office is 4 months. The original invoices, stamped with a dry seal, will then be sent by mail.
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