Important! Starting from 13/06/22, the company data and bank details have changed. Make sure to update your records with the new information you will receive during the ordering process.

Purchases made on Vendilo are secure and guaranteed, and payments can be made via Advance Bank Transfer.

Payment via Advance Bank Transfer

With payment via advance bank transfer, the order will be processed only after confirmation of the credited amount is received from the bank.
The payment must be made within 2 days from the date of the order, and confirmation must be sent via email. If this deadline is exceeded, the order will be automatically canceled.
The bank transfer reason must necessarily include the order number generated by the website.

For limited edition and/or hard-to-find products, Mag SRL reserves the right to request immediate payment confirmation. In case of no response, the order will be considered null and no quantity will be reserved.

The ordered quantities may undergo allocations or changes depending on the product type, availability, or availability caused by warehouse errors. In case of changes, the customer will be provided with a coupon to be used in the next order as compensation for the products not provided.

Pickup at MAG S.r.l.

It is possible to pick up the product at the location with cash or credit card payment.

Warehouse Address:

Via Vivare 119 - 478411 - San Giovanni in Marignano (RN)
Tel. 0541/1799985

VAT: 10140500967

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