Important! Starting from 13/06/22, the company data and bank details have changed. Make sure to update your records with the new information you will receive during the ordering process.


1.1 - The Contract concerns the wholesale sale of movable goods between Maf srl, with registered office at SEE DATA INSIDE THE LISTINGS ("STORE GAN"), and the reseller (the "Customer"). The Contract is concluded directly through the acceptance by STORE GAN of a purchase proposal issued by the Customer by telephone or through the internet, on the website (the "Site") and/or through other distance selling systems of STORE GAN, based on the methods described in the following article 3.
1.2 The site is exclusively reserved for commercial operators; under no circumstances can a private user access the site. The activation of the account to view prices and place orders is at the discretion of Vendilo, who may refuse or remove purchasing privileges at any time and at its own discretion.

1.3 Upon receipt of an order, an operator from Mag srl will check the accuracy of the data and communicate any errors or unavailability of the goods within 24 hours.


The selling prices of the products shown on the Site and/or through any other distance selling systems of STORE GAN are net prices.

The delivery charges are indicated on the Site and/or through any other distance selling systems of STORE GAN and, in the case of a telephone order, repeated to the Customer by the STORE GAN operator.

The photos may not always depict the actual product being sold but are for demonstrative purposes only. It is always necessary to verify the title and description.
All data published in the advertisements are considered valid, subject to transcription errors and omissions, in the title, price, quantity, description, or photo.


3.1 - The contract by telephone is concluded by communicating to the Customer (who has contacted STORE GAN by telephone and, on that occasion, made a purchase proposal, also providing the operator with the necessary data for the registration procedure of their name, purchase order, and chosen method of payment) that the proposal has been accepted.
3.2 - In the case of purchase proposals sent through the Site, the Customer will receive a summary email from STORE GAN, informing them that their purchase proposal is being processed and will be deemed accepted unless otherwise communicated by email or telephone by STORE GAN within 3 (three) calendar days from the receipt of the summary email. After this period, the Internet contract will be deemed concluded.
3.3 - The Customer will be allowed to choose one of the following payment methods: any payment method indicated as valid by STORE GAN on the Site. The payment for an order must be made within 72 hours of its generation; in case of non-payment, the order may be canceled, and the goods put back on sale.

3.4 - For all forms of payment other than bank transfer, a commission of 4% will be applied for the use of the service.


4.1 - STOREGAN delivers the products to the address indicated by the Customer, within the necessary time frame for order processing based on warehouse management and product handling. In case of partial deliveries or incorrect products, the missing or replacement goods will be shipped with the next order or can be requested a voucher of equal value to be deducted in the next order.

4.2 - Any complaints regarding the purchase of a product must be sent to the specified address on the website within 48 hours of receiving the package. Complaints sent thereafter will not be considered. If the retailer ships the product to the customer, any issues not previously reported will not be taken into consideration.

4.3 - The Customer can optionally request package insurance. If insurance is not requested, Mag Srl will not be responsible for any damages resulting from transportation.

4.4 - For certain products in our catalog, we offer the option to order before they become available in our warehouses. Pre-order products are appropriately marked with the term "preorder" on the product page, and the estimated arrival date and estimated price* of the product at our warehouses are also indicated. The arrival date and price of pre-order products should always be considered indicative and may vary over time based on information provided by the manufacturer or distributor.

4.5 - All items sold with the indication SCATOLA ROVINATA (DAMAGED BOX) cannot be returned or considered for partial refunds. The sale is considered as if the item does not have the box, and only the internal product is being purchased.

4.6 - Storegan reserves the right to request a 20% deposit of the value of pre-ordered products once the total order amount exceeds €2000. This deposit will be held as a credit to avoid blocking the customer for future orders. The deposit will be deducted when the pre-order amount falls below €2000 or with the last order before closing the purchasing account on the website, in case of account closure request.

4.7 - In the event of a request to use the deposit and close the purchasing account, Storegan reserves the right to process the last order of equal value to the deposit and cancel any products present in the account.

4.8 - Any delays due to warehouse management, product restocking, or pre-orders will not be accepted as claims.


5.1 - STOREGAN accepts the Customer's orders within the limits of the available quantities of the requested products in stock. Therefore, STOREGAN's acceptance of the purchase proposal sent by the Customer is subject to the availability of the products in the warehouse. In case of unavailability of purchased products, if the order has already been paid, STOREGAN will provide the customer with a voucher of equal value to be used in the next order.

5.2 - The customer has the option to make reservations, which guarantees that STOREGAN will set aside the available product, subject to inventory errors as mentioned in point 5.1. The reserved products must be collected by the customer within 2 weeks from the reservation (this period is reduced to 7 days in the last four months of the year). After this deadline, the reservation will be canceled, and the product will be put back on sale.


For the products purchased by the Customer, the warranties and assistance applicable are governed by the regulations concerning the sale of consumer goods.


The Customer declares and guarantees: to be a consumer as defined by Article 3 of the Consumer Code; to be of legal age; that the data provided by them for the execution of the Contract is correct and truthful.


8.1 - The sale is covered by guarantees for defects provided by the law. The StoreGan website exclusively sells wholesale and does not sell to private individuals. Product returns are not allowed unless there are discrepancies or issues related to the integrity of the received products. The cost of the return will be entirely borne by the buyer.

8.2 - The retailer is required to check the products before delivering or sending them for online sale to their customers. If the product is sold and shipped without being checked, Storegan will no longer provide any replacement or refund guarantees for the product.

8.3 - A paid order cannot be canceled. After 24 hours from the confirmation, the customer cannot request the cancellation and refund of that order if the indicated time has passed.


9.1 - Pursuant to and for the purposes of Legislative Decree of June 30, 2003, No. 196, Code regarding the protection of personal data (hereinafter referred to as the "Code"), we inform you that your personal data, provided and/or acquired subsequently, will be processed by STORE GAN, in Italy and abroad, through electronic and manual tools in compliance with the Code and the current privacy legislation.

Purpose of processing

The collected data is processed for the following purposes: a. subscribing to the service; b. concluding purchase and sale contracts and performing related services; c. carrying out the necessary actions to fulfill the contractual relationship; d. sending commercial information, advertising materials, informative and promotional material, through any means (email, SMS, etc.); e. conducting market research, economic and statistical analysis, including by telephone, to verify the correct functioning of the services and customer satisfaction; f. creating personalized information regarding the consumption habits and preferences of the individuals concerned; g. communicating data to third parties for direct marketing purposes. The provision of data is mandatory for the conclusion of the purchase contract, and optional in other cases. Failure to provide the data will make it impossible to fulfill the placed order.

Data retention

All acquired data cannot be used for purposes other than those indicated above and will be stored for the period necessary to achieve the same purposes. After this period, the data will be deleted or transformed into an anonymous form. For detailed data on purchases and services, the retention period will not exceed the time established by the current regulations.

Rights of the data subject

You retain the right to exercise at any time the rights provided for by Article 7 (Right to access personal data and other rights) of the Code, in particular: the right to access your personal data, request their correction, updating, and deletion if incomplete, inaccurate, or collected in violation of the current regulations, as well as the right to object to their processing for legitimate reasons, by submitting a written request to the Regulatory and Institutional Compliance Management of MAG S.r.l. or directly through the methods indicated on the website's data access page.

Data controller

The data controller is:

MAG s.r.l
Via Vivare 119 - San Giovanni in Marignano (RN)
VAT ID: 10140500967
Tel. +39 0541 / 179 99 85


The Contract is governed by Italian law. Any dispute relating to the application, execution, interpretation, and violation of the Contract will be under the jurisdiction of the court in which the Customer has their residence or domicile, if located within the territory of the Italian State, provided that the Customer has their residence or domicile abroad.

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